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Duomo di Milano


A leading electronic component supplier in Milan for over 40 years


Fast Elettronica Italiana has been operating in the Italian electronic components market since 1976, distributing and representing only world leading companies.

It specializes in passive components, optoelectronics and has built its success in the telecommunications, automation, automotive, security and computer markets, guaranteeing quality of service throughout the country to over 1500 customers.


Our business is characterized by a strong vocation for innovation and our strengths are seriousness,  loyalty, dynamism and business solidity that combined with competence and availability leads to success.


The quality of the products marketed and the service offered with almost 1000 items managed in stock have always been the keys to the success that distinguishes us. Our sales engineers collaborate with designers in product design-in, building a solid and lasting relationship with customers. We offer a high degree of flexibility and an ambitious team dedicated to personalizing your ideas and achieving maximum satisfaction in the development of our products.

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